While you are on the front lines delivering care to your community, our team of subject matter experts have been monitoring and preparing for COVID-19 coding, documentation, compensation and billing changes. We’ve created this comprehensive revenue cycle resource library with the latest updates to help keep you and your organization informed and compliant.


COVID-19: State and Payor Guide

Staying on top of the COVID-19 state and payor updates can be a full time job. Ensemble's experts have compiled the key state actions and payor resources to help you manage and respond to the latest updates. 

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COVID-19: Federal and State Legal Updates

We've compiled over 1600 lines of state and federal legal updates related to COVID-19 to help you stay on top of the latest news.

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COVID-19 and Epic: Patient Friendly Billing Guide

Given the amount of attention being given to COVID-19, here are some recommended steps you can take now to avoid improperly billing patients.

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COVID-19: Coding and Billing Updates (Updated Regularly)

These two guides have been updated with the latest COVID-19 Coding and Billing information, including the new DRG’s that are effective April 1.

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COVID-19: State 1135 Waivers to CMS 

CMS has granted certain “blanket waivers” as a result of the pandemic. However, it is important to understand that those blanket waivers only pertain to federal requirements. 

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Operator Insights: Navigating Patient Access During COVID-19

Patient Access is often referred to within Revenue Cycle as the “front line” or front end operations. Here are some actions you can take to support your front line team.

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COVID-19: Telehealth and Telemedicine Guide

This thorough document focuses on CPT/HCPCS Codes allowable in a telehealth and telemedicine encounter during the COVID-19 evaluation timeframe.

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Webinar: Proven Tactics For Finding Revenue During COVID-19

Ensemble’s CEO, Judson Ivy, discusses proven tactics you can implement today to improve your Revenue Cycle during COVID-19 in this webinar. 

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COVID-19: Coding Guidelines Webinar

Ensemble’s ‘Queen of Codes’, Staci Booth, talks you through the very latest COVID-19 coding updates detail by detail in this webinar.

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NAHAM Article: Acting With Empathy During COVID-19

Susan Milligan, Director of Patient & Guest Experience, reminds us why social distancing doesn't mean emotional disconnection. 

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COVID-19:Overpayment Recovery Laws by State 

Do you have questions about the overpayment recovery laws in your state? Check out this handy guide.

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Video Webinar: From the Frontlines of COVID-19

Ensemble’s Chief Physician Advisor, Dr. Khiet Trinh, and Physician Advisor, Dr. Maria Johar, join a roundtable of doctors in this webinar. 

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