Beyond the Payment Variance Report

How to Resolve Common + Costly Underpayment Issues

Webinar Replay

As hospitals face unprecedented levels of financial pressure, leaving money on the table isn’t an option.

Hospitals continue to rely too heavily on the payment variance report to validate payor adjudication while overlooking critical revenue cycle processes that impact payment accuracy.

In this webinar, experienced revenue cycle operators discuss common issues that lead to costly underpayments as well as effective resolution strategies leveraged across more than 200 hospitals nationwide.

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Client Results: Underpayments


Proactive approach to zero-balance accounts yields additional $1.5M+ in annual revenue

A Southeastern health system engaged Ensemble to dive deeply into their accounts, recover revenue and prevent future underpayments by finding and fixing the root issues. Read the full case study here.


Insights + Action = $13M in recovered underpayments

A Midwestern health system needed a secondary partner to focus on identifying and recovering revenue from underpaying accounts, an important and untapped revenue opportunity not covered by their primary underpayment vendor. Read the full case study here.

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