Four Trends Driving

the Next Four Years


How healthcare executives are setting up for success

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Leading a healthcare organization has never been more challenging.

Savvy executives are calling in the experts.


of executives would pursue end-to-end managed services to solve key business issues

Trend 1

Implementing new payment models + adapting to payor changes will become more critical.

These aren’t easy tasks: Ensure your teams are armed with the data needed to stay compliant and go toe-to-toe with payors during contract negotiations.

Trend 2

Growth, not cost cutting, will be the most viable path to longevity.

Opportunities for growth may lie in unexpected actions including private equity partnerships, co-investment or the monetization of internally developed technology and capabilities.

Trend 3

Investment in revenue cycle managed services will increase to address key challenges.

Maintain your focus on clinical excellence by bringing in reliable resources for the rest. Consider working with one end-to-end partner to help streamline the process and reduce complexity.

Trend 4

The value of an end-to-end partnership will increase, with focus on performance over cost.

Don’t limit your search to the lowest cost vendor. When RCM managed services are implemented correctly, revenue lift can become a core component to your enterprise strategy.

"There’s only so many levers of opportunity for improvement in margin that you can pull right now. And if you’re not focusing on your revenue cycle, you’re really missing one of the biggest opportunities out there to make an impact in your system."

– Health System CEO